The Vision of our children’s team is to raise up, train, and equip young people to become true disciples of Jesus, through age appropriate activities, fun events, and lessons. It is our endeavor to enrich our children intellectually and spiritually. To lead by example and show God’s love. The Children meet on Sunday Morning’s following worship in the main service as well as on Wednesday night’s during service after worship.

Nursery Class (Birth to 3 years old) – While parents enjoy the adult service, they can rest assured that their babies and toddlers are receiving personal care in a safe and nurturing environment. We want to create a positive church experience that introduces infants and toddlers to a love for Jesus early in life. Nursery classes are available at every service, including any special services. Parents can drop their children off in the nursery fifteen minutes prior to the beginning of service.

The Vision of our teen ministry team is to use all appropriate methods to encourage, inspire, capture, and ignite young people for Jesus; to respond to the spiritual needs of the teens in our church and community by providing fun programs and events that will allow them to express their faith through their own words and actions; to inspire them to use their individual talents through ministries that interest them in order to nurture their growth as people of faith while connecting them in an appropriate way, so they understand God is relevant to them today. Our Teens meet Wednesday Nights at 7pm.

The Vision of our image team is to make the church like Heaven on Earth by creating an accepting and friendly atmosphere where the love of God is demonstrated to all people. First impressions are everything, and at Abundant Life, we strive to make our first impressions matter. Our image team consists of parking attendants, greeters, the hospitality team, maintenance team, and four walls team volunteers.

The Vision of our worship team is to create an atmosphere of worship that will change people’s lives. While we seek to provide music with excellence, our ultimate goal is to draw you closer to Jesus. Worship isn’t just a song in the first few minutes of service. It is a lifestyle of obedience that flows directly from our love relationship with our Lord. Our worship team consists of singers, musicians, and sound equipment volunteers.

The Vision of our Tech team is to produce the finest, high-tech, professional, and exciting worship service that makes the Word of God seen and heard with cutting edge applications. Our tech team will consists of computer production, audio production, video production, photography, web cast, graphic arts, and lighting.

Life Team is a mixture of outreach, evangelism, care ministry, and follow up. We are always willing to extend a hand of love wherever and whenever the need arises. We are our brother’s keeper. Our L.I.F.E. (living in faithful evangelism), team consists of callers, writers, odd-jobbers, hospital visitors, nursing home ministry, cooks, witnesses, warriors, and reach volunteers.